Who is guiding the Horse? Who holds the reins?

Freedom comes with responsibility.

Liking what you do is happiness. Doing what you like is Freedom.

Yes! That’s exactly what we think about freedom. Freedom for today’s young generation, for us, is just a cup of coffee during the late evening, or maybe just pursuing some profession; alternatively, aiming at a career that we like.

The definition of freedom has changed for the young generation. As we stepped into the 21st century, we have defined freedom according to our own convenience.

Now we have been classified in terms of fashion, percentages, colleges, merit and rarely in terms of talent. It has been a few weeks that the results were declared when the students were classified according to 91%, 95%, 99.99% to the extent that it becomes unbearable for us to step out of our homes in fear that we would be compared with the kid in neighborhood. On the other hand, maybe the other person just scored 0.5% more than you, and eventually you find your freedom restricted.

Nowadays, our dreams are mostly disarrayed. We feel if we get some extra penny to spend for an outing, we feel free; if we settle away from our parental home and gain what we call ‘privacy’, we feel free; if our dad gifts us our favourite smartphone, we feel free. This is the freedom of the affluent class. Everything that is as per our expectations and are fulfilled within the nick of time is freedom for us.

However, the meaning of ‘freedom’ varies for different situations and places. What is freedom for you may not be freedom for other. A middle class man working at least 8-10 hours a day is constantly worried about his freedom- the time when he would be released to go home. He always waits for the ray of hope to get back home. For him freedom is not enjoying a luxurious life, but a Sunday spent well with his family.

Something important to stress upon is that the term ‘freedom’ should not be misunderstood. It is the right of every person which is very important for self-development. An individual will be able to nourish and express his natural talent only when he feels free.

In the use of freedom, we the young generation should seek direction and listen to the inner voice. Only then we will be able to know the right way out.

We should be ambitious and strive hard towards our goal; but never try to misuse or exploit the freedom we have for anything wrong. With great power comes great responsibility.


To conclude, it’s high time to introspect our life to avoid sinking in the allurement of failure.

Today, ask yourself a question-

Do you really take your freedom for granted?


The Journey Begins


Let us set this ball rolling!!!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The Opening Remark!!

ARE THERE TIMES when you have looked at the world and thought it’s almost unrecognizable? Do you wonder where all the good people have gone? What happened to human decency?

Well, “keep your expectations low,” my mother told me. “Why?” I argued. “There are good people in the world; that’s why it still goes on!” “I hope you are never proved wrong,” was her response.

Despite everything, I still believe it, even though, admittedly, I’ ve learnt to set the bar lower. I believe that there are good people amongst us; you just have to look around for them, because they tend to let their work speak louder than their words.

Many of them have been up against severe odds, mostly people you would not notice in a crowd, but they make you believe that there are heroes amidst us.

To everyone here reading my blog-

What is ODYSSEY?


What ‘ll be the blog ODYSSEY all about?

Who is the stranger behind the keyboard?

It’s certain for you all to have such questions in your mind.

To begin with, for me, ” Success is when I am able to inspire someone.” This very blog “ODYSSEY” will be a series of ‘OUR’ journey. Odyssey ‘ll help you to read about us i.e how we people live and survive through all the odds making our life a bit even. It will present stories from all conventional norms of this society. At times, it ‘ll also held up boosting articles on life, motivation, career and the ultimate voyage.

Finally, presenting myself, the very stranger behind the keyboard. I portray myself as one among you all who has set on her ultimate journey. Here as an individual, independent from status and institution, I will have the power to reach out to millions of readers.

When someone on the other end of the world will be embraced today a bit more after reading my blog, it ‘ll give my creativity a platform. Something tells me, reading it, you will be filled with hope and ‘ll be certain to smile.

To conclude, I would like to thank everyone for their keen interest in reading the same. I would love to have an encouraging audience for my blog where all sorts of comments and remarks are most welcome.

Honestly, I could not think of a better way to start with than this.